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Thursday, August 27, 2020

2-3pm ET

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Since 2012, JBF’s Chefs Boot Camp for Policy and Change has inspired and trained chefs around the country to mobilize in support of policy decisions that impact our food system. Hundreds of chef-advocates have successfully lobbied to provide nutritious school meals, protect SNAP recipients, support American fisheries, reduce food waste, and more. Talking to a Member of Congress or a congressional staffer is a new skill for many chefs and culinary professionals, and can be intimidating. In this webinar, we’ll take some of the guesswork out of the process. Webinar attendees will learn best practices when it comes to advocacy and interacting with Members of Congress and Hill staff, and will leave with a better understanding of what is happening in D.C. right now with regard to issues of importance to the restaurant community. Featuring: Robert Murray, Legislative Director, Office of Senator Roger Wicker; Patti Ross, Senior Policy Advisor, Office of the Speaker Nancy Pelosi; Moderated by Tiffany Derry, chef and restaurateur, Tiffany Derry Concepts and Roots Chicken Shak.

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