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Thursday, June 24, 2021

7-8pm ET

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In Partnership with Queer Food Foundation



Featuring: Eric See, Pastry Chef/Owner, Ursula, Brooklyn, NY; Zenat Begum, Founder, Playground Coffee Shop, Brooklyn, NY; Jasmine Sheth, Chef, Tasting India, Chicago; Parisa Parnian, Culinary and Cultural Creative, SAVAGE MUSE, Los Angeles; and moderated by Vanessa Parish, Pastry Chef and Founding Board Member, Queer Food Foundation

All throughout June, companies and brands will show their support for Pride Month with rainbow-hued products, campaign ads, and social media posts. But true support of the LGBTQIA+ community requires more than donning rainbow colored merch. Join us and hear from queer food and beverage industry workers as they discuss what it means to be inclusive and how they are showing up for their communities 365 days a year.

All event attendees will receive an exclusive Virtual Goodie Bag presented by Queer Food Foundation, the James Beard Foundation, and an amazing group of LGBTQIA+-owned and operated businesses. The goodie bag will feature recipes and discounts on products and classes from Arnold Myint, Shaquanda’s Hot Sauce, Tasting India, Broma, Yeah Dawg Vegan Hotdogs, Tagmo Kitchen, Al Culliton, Edy’s Grocer, Diaspora Co., Mr. Bake Sweets, Sweet Comfort, and more!


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