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Monday, July 12, 2021

3-4pm EST

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Soraya Fernandez-Hazoury is the Co-Founder of Nearby Naturals, a viral “instagram-famous” DIY mushroom grow kit that started as a tiny urban mushroom farm in a rental house garage. Prior to COVID, the family-owned business mainly serviced restaurants but when their customers were forced to close due to the pandemic, they pivoted into an wildly successful e-commerce store selling direct-to-consumers.

In the past 2 years the company has bloomed into a high volume mushroom farm supplying eateries and hotels out of a large warehouse and is now selling the viral DIY mushroom grow kits to households nationwide.

The “Post-COVID Restaurant Survival Toolkit” is a FREE speaker series brought to you by our partners at MAPP through June featuring celebrity chefs like Tanya Holland, Elizabeth Falkner, and many industry titans providing tools for hospitality professionals and women in food to thrive.

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